Kaiut Yoga & Somatic Movement

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Welcome to this page! I am glad you are here. Have you been thinking about starting a yoga practice but not sure how to do it? Have you tried to go to a yoga class and found uncomfortable, maybe out of place or not a fit because you don't feel flexible enough? Do you find yourself thinking, “I don’t have the right body type or I’m too old or out of shape to do yoga”?  Maybe you have an injury that is keeping you from enjoying this practice?

Are you struggling with emotional or psychological trauma, feeling anxious, depressed, and or disconnected from the world around you? Is unresolved emotional psychological, or developmental trauma manifesting through autoimmune issues, digestive problems, pain, fibromyalgia or a change in eating or sleeping patterns, to name just a few?

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The Kaiut Method designed by Francis Kaiut is designed to be a system of levers that act biochemically, stimulating an alignment between the brain and each part of the body. Kaiut Yoga was designed to help people work through chronic pain, new and reoccurring injuries, general aches and stiffness and stems from focusing on the joints rather than extreme stretching of the muscles. I use a trauma informed yoga approach to integrate the Kaiut Yoga method. Kaiut Yoga, is a form of yoga that is specifically designed to work with trauma and accessible for all bodies and all nervous systems, regardless of age, body type or level of fitness; and focuses on biochemical health and freedom of movement.

Kaiut Yoga promotes freedom of movement and energy flow, calms the nervous system, helps release tension, improve circulation, and promote long-term mobility with a consistent practice. As we explore each pose, you're encouraged to notice, and pay attention to how your body expresses itself through sensation, and connect with how you react mentally, emotionally and physically to your experience in each pose.

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