Somatic Experiencing: Trauma Therapy for the Body

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Somatic experiencing (SE) is a body-centered approach to trauma treatment that involves mindfulness, sensorimotor psychotherapy, and bioenergetic therapy. It was developed by Peter Levine in the 1980s, who had been inspired by several other theories and practices including developmental psychology, attachment theory, and John Bowlby's work with infants.

The focus of SE is on experiencing feelings in the body, rather than thinking about them or avoiding them. This allows you the client to gain insight into how your body feels and reacts to stressful events. The concept of "trauma" is broadened to include any overwhelming experience—not just those that are traumatic in nature.

My role has a Somatic Experiencing Practioner is to help you learn how to connect with your body through noticing, deep breathing exercises, and movement practices such as yoga, or slow somatic movements of the body, such as the shoulders, neck and or feet. As your counselor, I also helps facilitate moving you toward, and identifying what your needs are at any given moment so that you can begin taking care of yourself in healthy ways, instead of relying on others or substances for comfort or escape from stressors in life that trigger memories of past traumatic experiences.